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General Features Overview
Multi User, Networkable on all your computers at no extra cost
Truly Powerful, Complete and Affordable
Data Entry
Unlimited number of records
Data entry shortcuts are auto complete entry fields
Immediate notification of potential duplicate records
Automatic saving of records
Donor Data
Track Individuals, Organizations, Volunteers, Prospects, etc.
Unlimited Donor Grouping
Custom Data Fields
Donor Acknowledgement
Personalized Thank You letter with merged donation information
Campaign / Appeal Letter or Email Management
Direct Mail appeal letters created and merged within program
Email broadcasting with merged personalized information
Pledge Tracking, Donor Statements
Mailing Lists with labels
Customized Label Layouts
Wide selection of built-in reports
User Created Lists provide Ad Hoc Querying
Donor Profile Report
Statistical and Graphical Charts
Multi-level user/password security
Donation receipt information secured in database
Built-in backup facility with data compression
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